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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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collecting unemployment benefits and government paycheck at the same time. pat collins joins us from northwest washington with tonight's top story. pat? imagine if you could get your full paycheck and then say 150, $250 a week in unemployment money. sweet, sweet but wrong. welcome to the world of some of our double paid city employees. according to the department of employment services dozens of city government workers have been collecting their pay checks and unemployment checks at the same time. how would you characterize their behavior? >> i just think it's gross misconduct. there are different levels, thresholds, different dollars amounts. is it fraud? >> absolutely. >> is it theft? >> it's waste, fraud, and abuse absolutely. >> wrong? >> it is wrong.
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>> reporter: the unemployment scheme. how much money taken? about $840,000. how many d.c. government employees involved? a total of 130. 90 still have their jobs. where do they work? some in the school system. some for d dot. one works on the city council staff. one works for the department of employee services. how long has this been going on? they say about three years. now you can imagine how some unemployed people are reacting to this double dipping by city workers. >> we know it's fraud. it's against the law and they're just greedy. >> people have no income and you go and take advantage of that? you know, it's not right. >> reporter: the 90 city workers still on the payroll face possible prosecution or termination pending the outcome of the investigation they've been placed on administrative leave with pay.
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live in northeast washington i'm pat collins. news 4. >> all right. thank you, pat. mcpherson square looks quite different than it has in months following the new rules for the occupy d.c. protesters. over the weekend officers started enforcing the no camping policy clear out the many tents that were erected. some demonstrators remain but far fewer than previous weeks. even though things are quieter, people who live and work in the area know it will be sometime before it gets back to normal. >> it's sad the park service spent a half million dollars restoring the park just last year and i want people to protest and respect free speech but the park is sure a mess. >> police will continue to remove tents that violate the if no camping policy and any tent deemed a health hazard will be thrown away. others will be tagged and removed. the owners can pick them up later. jury selection is under way in the trial of a university of
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virginia la crosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. george huguely of chevy chase, maryland pleaded not guilty in court to murdering yardly love found dead in her charlottesville apartment in may of 2010 just weeks before graduation. 12 jurors and three alternates are needed. julie carey is in charlottesville with details. julie? >> reporter: in an unusual move jury selection is going to continue well into the evening hours. it became clear from the start today it was going to take a while to seat an impartial jury. nearly every juror that came to the courtroom today has heard of the high profile case and the bigger problem is many of them also say they've already made up their mind about whether george huguely is guilty. the last time the public or the press saw george huguely he looked like this. his once shaggy hair shaved off in jail. today he came to court far thinner with his hair starting to grow back. six times huguely replied "not guilty" to the charges against him.
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the most serious? first-degree murder. huguely's arrest in may of 2010 and the death of yardly love came just weeks before the two who once dated were scheduled to graduate from the university of virginia. both played on the school's top ranked la crosse teams. the case captured national headlines when court documents revealed huguely told police he had gotten into a violent fight with love at her apartment shaking her and hitting her head against the wall. police say he fled stealing her lap top. her roommate found love face down on a bloody pillow. reports also surfaced huguely had been violent before. today attorneys struggled to find impartial jurors who haven't made up their minds about the defendant. david heilberg is a prominent defense attorney following the case. >> this is the whole issue when there is this much media coverage about a case in advance. it excuse people's attitudes about the case right or wrong. >> reporter: jurors being examined in groups then individual lichlt the questions
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provide a clue to the case ahead. defense attorneys have asked in a case where it was undisputed that a man hurt a woman could you be objective about what caused the woman's death? defense attorneys have called her death an accident and suggested a combination of alcohol and a prescription drug could have caused a fatal arrhythmia. defense attorneys also asked would seeing graphic, disturbing photos of the autopsy and crime scene keep you from remaining impartial? both huguely's family, mother and step father, and his dad, and love's sister and mother listened to it all seated across the aisle from each other in the front row of the courtroom. so far 13 people have been identified as jurors but more than two times that is needed because after that the defense and prosecution get to strike the jurors they think would be unfavorable to their case so it is clear this process will continue well into tomorrow. reporting live from charlottesville, virginia i'm julie carey news 4. >> thank you. here in d.c. a man walked into an educational facility in
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southeast this morning and told the staff he was shot and needed help. it happened at the harris education center at 4600 livingston road. the facility is run by the university of the district and is used for vocational education. authorities say the 26-year-old victim was shot in the side a few blocks away in the 300 block of livingston terrace. officials inside the harris center called 911 and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital. so far nobody has been arrested. a major diplomatic development in the crisis in syria. today the u.s. embassy in damascus closed. the ambassador, all the u.s. embassy workers, have now left the country. still, president obama says he is hoping to avoid any military action in syria and iran. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: president obama is stepping up u.s. pressure. because the syrian government stepped up its attacks on civilians. hundreds were killed saturday. even a makeshift medical clinic
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was shelled. more than 5,000 syrians have died in a year of unrest. today the u.s. flag is down in damascus. the embassy is closed. a major move. >> we're pursuing a variety of means to put pressure on the assad regime. >> reporter: syrian dictator bashar assad. >> it is time for assad to go. >> reporter: president obama told matt lauer he does not want to use force like he did to overthrow libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. >> i think it is very important for us to try to resolve this without recourse to outside military intervention and i think that's possible. >> reporter: but u.s. efforts to tighten u.n. sanctions against assad were blocked. infuriating the u.s. ambassador. >> the fact that russia and china chose to align themselves with a dictator was indeed disgusting. >> reporter: on iran president obama said he does not believe israel is about to strike suspected nuclear sites and does believe iranian leaders can be forced to back down through
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sanctions. >> my number one priority continues to be the security of the united states but also the security of israel. >> reporter: the new "the washington post"/abc news poll finds 56% of americans trust president obama now on international affairs. that adds to his overall approval. now up to 50% in that poll in this election year. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. the state department says u.s. ambassador robert ford will use social media to continue to assure the syrian people that the u.s. stands with them. right now poland is representing u.s. interests in damascus. state department officials say they expect syria to protect the u.s. embassy and they hope to reopen that building in their words when there are better days in damascus u. now to the race for the white house, president obama appears to be gaining ground in his campaign for re-election. that as the republican candidates prepare for contests tomorrow to try to catch up with current front-runner mitt romney. pat lawson muse is at the super screen with the latest poll
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numbers. >> there is a new poll out today showing what a november general election could look like. according to a "the washington post" poll president obama holds an edge over current gop front-runner mitt romney. it shows 51% of voters would pick the president over 45% for romney. those numbers have been much closer in earlier polls. meantime, the republican candidates are looking to four states this week. tomorrow colorado, minnesota hold their caucuses and missouri holds a primary and on saturday it's maine. following mitt romney's decisive win in nevada over the weekend the other candidates are trying to slow down his momentum. >> governor romney makes a lot of points that he is not for obama care. but i really don't find any legitimate reason why he would oppose it. because the plan that he put together in massachusetts is in fact obama care on a state level. >> while romney is the clear leader at this point he still has more than a thousand
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delegates to pick up before he can claim the nomination. and newt gingrich says he is determined to go all the way looking forward to super tuesday when ten states hold their contests. back to you. >> voters in virginia may have to bring identification to the polls. a bill requiring i.d. passed in the senate after lieutenant governor bowling battle creek 20/20 tie. opponents worry this might stop the minorities and elderly and disabled from voting. supporters say people can use a wide variety of i.d.s including a driver's license to a utility bill. next on news 4 at 6:00 frightening moments as a mother turns her head and a stroller rolls toward the train tracks with her baby in it. there is a tragedy in washington state. a man considered a prime suspect in his wife's disappearance kills himself and two young sons in a dramatic way. local parents facing criminal charges for their children's tardiness. tonight you'll hear from the virginia family at the center of this debate. and the former white house
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intern reveals some details of her alleged affair with john f. kennedy. doug, what is ahead in weather? >> a beautiful day across the region today. one more tomorrow and then maybe a taste of winter. i'll show you what that entails coming up in a couple minutes. coming up in sports the injury bug bites again as the capitals lose another key player. plus why giants receiver mario manningham says his catch in the super bowl wasn't so super. news 4
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a tragic twist tonight. authorities say they are certain the husband of a missing utah woman is responsible for the explosive house fire that killed the man and his two young sons this weekend. tonight there is speculation police were closing in on the prime suspect josh powell and that may have been what led him to commit this act. stephanie stanton reports from graham, washington. >> reporter: firefighters sift through the rubble of the home where police say josh powell set off an explosion that killed himself and his two young sons. >> it was definitely a gas boom. >> reporter: the house went up in flames sunday moments after the boys arrived with a social worker for their scheduled visit. police say powell opened the front door, let the children in, but blocked the social worker from entering. moments later the smell of gas
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then fire raged through the home. >> we believe he intentionally started a fire because there was a scheduled visitation. >> reporter: moments before the blast josh sent his lawyer a three-word e-mail saying "i'm sorry, good-bye." it is the latest twist in the two-year saga in the search for susan cox powell, josh's wife who disappeared in december of 2009. police labeled him a person of interest in her disappearance but he was never charged. josh had been locked in a bitter custody battle with susan's parents who were given custody of the boys last september after josh's father steven was arrested on child pornography and voyeurism charges. police discovered thousands of pornographic images of children on steven powell's computer in the home where he lived with josh and the boys. susan's parents haven't spoken publicly but released a statement saying, quote, words cannot adequately express the grief. first, susan, and now charlie and braden. >> this was a horrible murder of
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two little kids. let's call it what it is which is something deeply wrong which is not a tragedy which is something evil. >> reporter: a bitter end to a two-year ordeal with no real answers and a community and family in mourning. authorities from west valley, yoourt will be here to continue their investigation into the disappearance of susan cox powell. meanwhile, josh's father steven powell remains jailed on child porn charges under suicide watch. in graham, washington stephanie stanton, news 4. a lawyer for the cox family says one of the children was beginning to verbalize what happened during a family camping trip in 2009. the child allegedly told the lawyer that his mother was in the trunk of the family car before she disappeared. u.s. officials are expressing grave concerns over egypt's plan to file criminal charges against 19 americans in connection with a crackdown on pro democracy organizations. six of the americans are still in egypt and the government is
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refusing to allow them. they took refuge at the u.s. embassy in cairo but it is unclear where they are right now. one of the detained americans is the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. egyptian officials say the americans will likely be charged on wednesday with using foreign money to support antigovernment protest groups. on saturday secretary of state hillary rodham clinton warned that the u.s. could withhold more than a billion dollars in aid to egypt if this matter is not quickly resolved. a former white house intern is stepping up and telling her story of a, quote, steamy affair with president john f. kennedy. mimi alford has written a book called "once upon a secret" and claims she had an affair that lasted 18 months and started in the summer of 1962 when she was 19 years old. alford told her story to nbc's meredith vieira. >> well, i think over powered in the sense that he was the
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president, this unbelievably handsome man, 45 years old, not over power edifice c-- powered physically that someone grabbed me and made me do something i wasn't willing to do because i think i was willing to do it. >> several people linked to the kennedy administration confirm alford was an intern with special access to the president. you can hear more of the story on nightly news at 7:00 here on nbc 4. doug is here with a check on the weather forecast. i saw something over the weekend that was very troubling. >> cherry blossoms all the way out. is this going to affect our whole cherry blossom season? >> they'll probably come out a little earlier than they did last year but the ones you saw are a different breed of cherry blossoms. >> yes. >> really? >> i know that because it happened last year, doreen and i looked it up and said oh, my gosh. >> but did it happen this early? >> yeah. there is a breed that actually comes out in late january and early february. >> okay. >> who knew? >> how about that? now i just hope i'm right in
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saying what i did say. >> the park service is on the phone. >> the daffodils are coming up, tulips. those i'm not too sure about. remember this two years ago? >> yes. like it was yesterday. >> exactly. >> those were good times. >> weren't they the best of times? and if those of you thinking out there right now where has winter gone, what is this? well, that was the winter the snowiest winter ever and this winter one of the driest ever as far as lack of snow is concerned. so what a difference between just two years ago, last year we had carmageddon. this year we have nothing-mageddon. today a high temperature of 52 degrees well above the average high but look at this. 29 early this morning. that is the coldest morning we have seen in more than two weeks. believe it or not though, 29 is the average low temperature for this time of year. we know dpsh-you know we've been on the warm side and it looks like we'll stay at least on the
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mild side the next couple days. 49 right now is the current temperature with winds out of the south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. current temperatures 41 in frederick. 45 in leesburg. 41 in culpepper. 47 in la plata. we are starting to see those numbers cool down and they're going to continue to do so as we move through the rest of the night tonight. montgomery county your temperatures 48 right now in rockville. over toward fairfax county 47 degrees. back toward leesburg and loudoun county 45 degrees. manassas cosming in at 46. my friends in warrenton in faucier county at 41 degrees. storm 4 radar nothing to show right now as far as the rain is concerned. even when we widen out there is not a whole lot going on across most of the country except for the south. we do have an area of high pressure that is going to be dominating right on through the night tonight. nice weather today. nice weather tomorrow. and then we'll start to see some winter-like changes move on in. there is an area of low pressure very weak that's going to move a cold front through the area. that cold front could bring in enough cold air that with our next storm system we could see a
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little bit of snow break out on the northern side of the system. most of us will see the rain but i do think we could see chilly air move in on wednesday. that could lead to some snow. let's talk about it and take you through our future weather forecast here. this is wednesday around 12:30. notice we are starting to see at least the chances for some snow. once again well to the north and west of washington but south and east this is going to be mostly rain so we are going to see a mix and that will come right along the i-95 corridor through wednesday evening so we'll be seeing at least a chance for snow. it's not going to be a big storm. not going to increase our snow totals all that much but at least something to talk about here as far as winter is concerned. mostly clear tonight. mild to cool eventually. 40 to 46 degrees around 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. tomorrow morning clear skies. not as cold. areas of fog to the south. especially into southern maryland. 27 to about 36 degrees tomorrow. as we look out toward the next couple days, here we go. tomorrow 52 to 57. that is nice weather. tomorrow is going to be beautiful. then we have the mix of precipitation during the day on
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wednesday and then thursday and friday not bad. sunshine. high temperatures in the upper 40s. just right around the average high for this time of year. and then we could see the potential is there for some of the coldest air of the winter to come down this weekend. we'll have to wait and see just how cold but right now it looks like high temperatures could be in the low to mid 30s coming up on sunday and into monday of next week. we'll have to wait and see about that. doesn't look like a lot of moisture with that cold air. >> okay. looks like we better try to get out tomorrow. >> i'll look up what i told you earlier. >> all right. >> just to make sure. >> he sounded so confident. >> get back to us. >> we'll let you know. still ahead the super bet that earned somebody $50,000 in las vegas. >> sweet. plus a look at the super bowl commercials that scored big with fans. >> a pesky problem no more. what is
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you may have noticed you found fewer stink bugs around your house this year. researchers at the university of maryland say the wet weather from hurricane irene and the tropical storm probably knocked those nasty bugs right off the trees and crops essentially drowning them. researchers admit that is only an educated guess. they say predators and parasites could also have something to do with this. the cold snap after the warm weather is another reason being given for a drop in the stink bug population. whatever it takes.
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>> right. >> we're happy about it. >> so we can all sleep well tonight. consumers can get pretty creative when it comes to saving money and some people are sharing the ways that they save. >> viewers wrote to liz crenshaw and now she is here with ways real people are making big cuts and saving big bucks. >> i love hearing from viewers when they've already done the stuff that works for them. we asked our viewers what is the best way to slash your bills? nearly 100 folks posted on our facebook and twitter pages with ways to save. we start with serena who pays with cash but never spends her coins. she says in one month she saved $30 in change. i love that. just paying with paper money. okay. grocery shopping is a big budget item. a lot of people posted about clipping coupons and shopping sale items. sheryl added another idea. one week every month sheryl says she buys only fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. she says it forces her to eat from the stock in her house, the frozen meats and food in her freezer, and keeps that week's
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bill low, which is great. rod wrote to us and said, since being unemployed he couldn't afford his cable and internet bill so get this. he called his cable internet provider and explained his hardship. rod says it lowered his monthly bill by $50 without losing any service. we contacted comcast, cox, verizon all tell us when customers call with hardships they deal with each on a case by case basis. tonight on news 4 at 11:00 we visit four people who show us how they slashed their monthly bills, pain free steps to spending less. by the way, we have more money saving tips on our website nbc we just have so many. just search liz money which i kind of love that little moniker. >> liz money. >> so many tips, putting a bunch on the website, and we'll introduce you to some folks at 11:00 tonight. >> cool. >> lots of little ones can add up. >> yes. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 a new
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effort to stop school tardiness in northern virginia but some say it goes too far. should parents face criminal charges if their kids are late? thousands pay tribute to a local community activist as police arrest a third person in connection to his murder. >> and the bad habit that could cost drivers a lot of money if local lawmakers get their way. coming up in sports tom brady's wife plays the blame game. plus the capitals, yeah, they're struggling and to make matters strug[ male announcer ]matters this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪
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in charlottesville, virginia jury selection began today in the murder trial of george huguely. most of the jurors were dismissed after it was determined that they were unable to be impartial. huguely is the former university of virginia la crosse player accused in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend yardley love. the trial is expected to last two weeks. 130 d.c. workers are under investigation in an unemployment fraud probe. prosecutors say the workers were collecting unemployment checks while they were also collecting a government paycheck. they say the fraud cost the city at least $840,000. >> the u.s. embassy in syria is closed tonight. the ambassador and embassy workers have returned to the u.s. with their families and any americans remaining in syria are being urged to leave. the closure follows nearly a
6:32 pm
year of violent crackdowns on dissent. state department officials say they worked with the syrian government for weeks on efforts to improve security at the embassy but could not reach an acceptable arrangement. here is doug with the forecast. >> out there right now sitting at 49 degrees across the area. a nice night, yeah, you may need a jacket. but tomorrow afternoon you're not going to need that jacket at all. right now 49 degrees with winds out of the south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. another beautiful spring-like day tomorrow but the forecast has a little bit more winter weather in it than we've seen most of this winter as a matter of fact. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks, doug. funeral services were held today for lenny harris. >> he is the alexandria activist who disappeared several months ago. his body was recently recovered from the bottom of a well. >> darcy spencer spoke to the victim's wife about how she is staying strong during this time of crisis. >> reporter: deborah harris arrives at greater mount calvary holy church in d.c. and was greeted by friends here to say
6:33 pm
good-bye to her husband lenny harris found shot to death after being missing for months. >> i would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes, for coming out to support lenny because i feel like they really supported him and he would be happy to know that all his work was not in vain. >> reporter: thousands of friends turned out to offer their condolences to a man known as an activist, spiritual adviser, mentor, and father figure to many. the alexandria man's body was recovered in a well in fort washington four months after he disappeared. >> he was a wonderful person. i mean, he would do anything for you. i'm so sad. >> mr. harris was a community man but more so he was a man of god. he made an impact on this community that will last for a long time. >> we've been friends for over 20 years. that was my friend. he showed up for me and i showed up for him and it just means a whole lot. >> reporter: inside the church there were prayers, songs, and stories told about a man who
6:34 pm
touched so many lives through community work in alexandria. that's where he grew up and worked on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged. >> we respected each other despite the fact that we had our differences. i'm no politics and lenny a community activist. but he knew how to get things done. >> reporter: a community reception was held here at the charles houston rec center the last place lenny harris was seen alive and also the place where he mentored so many young people. he would give you the last coin in his pocket to help you. and we're just here today saying we love him. >> reporter: debra harris arrived too to say thank you to the community, those who prayed along with her that her husband would be found alive. >> i don't even know how to say, you know, thank you. but maybe some kind of way i can show it back, you know, in what i can help give back to the community. >> darcy spencer, news 4. just hours after lenny harris was laid to rest
6:35 pm
investigators announced another big development in the case. investigators have arrested 26-year-old tyrone lewis. police say he is the third and final suspect involved in the murder. right now he is held in the fairfax county detention center on unrelated charges. an anonymous tip two weeks ago led to the discovery of harris's body and the suspects. a man accused of using robocalls to suppress black voter turnout during maryland's 2010 election returned to court today. julius henson was a campaign consultant to robert ehrlich during his rematch with current governor o'malley. he designed a robo call that told o'malley and president obama supporters that they had already won while the polls were still open. the defense is claiming the calls were not illegal or meant to suppress votes and call the statute charging henson unconstitutional. you've heard of kids spending time in detention for being chronically late for class but how about parents being dragged into court when their children are late? that's what's happening to a
6:36 pm
couple in loudoun county and they're not happy about it. news 4's erika gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: mark and his wife are facing misdemeanor charges in loudoun county. these papers show the couple as being charged with not getting their three kids to school on time. >> it's like herding cats and trying to get them all heading in the right direction. >> reporter: how tardy is tardy? according to the loudoun county public school district, between 1 and 30 minutes. wade byard with the school district says the denicore children have been tardy 30 times this year alone nearly one of every three days and says it falls under the state's truancy code. >> how can we work with you? in some cases principals have gone to students' houses and helped them get ready and taken them to school. they have attendance officers to work with students and get them ready and into a routine. map things out so they're ready to come to school. >> reporter: morning commutes can be lengthy. however, this is the denicor
6:37 pm
home about a half mile from the children's elementary school or less than a two-minute drive. >> we definitely don't have the traffic excuse that some people have. i wish we did. but we don't. >> reporter: neighbor margaret good says the children's tardiness doesn't only affect them. >> my concern would be for the children that are sitting in the classroom who are there on time and how disruptive is it to them when children come in late? and how is it impacting them? >> reporter: if they were bringing criminal charges against every parent who had a child that was disruptive in school the courthouses would be full. >> reporter: denicor says there are other important things to teach children besides being on time like eating a good breakfast and tying their own shoes. the trial date is march 14th. the violations a class 3 misdemeanor. the loudoun county sheriff's office says they served two to three summons for similar cases a month. in loudoun county, erika gonzalez, news 4.
6:38 pm
coming up next a close call caught on tape as a baby stroller rolls into the path of an oncoming train. >> slow down or pay up. tonight officials flip the switch on some new speed cameras that are going up in school zones. >> why a mistake by patriots ♪
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hello everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right here in storm center 4 we're talking about another gorgeous day out there. today a high temperature of 52 degrees. the current temperature right now 49 degrees. mostly clear skies. winds right now out of the south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. here's what's going on around the region. already down to 37 in frederick. 39 in culpepper. with these clear skies we are going to cool off fairly quickly. so it is going to be quite cool especially in some of the colder suburbs. right now though washington and annapolis still on the mild side of things. that's the way you're going to stay. satellite and radar together showing we have a little bit of a system trying to move through west virginia right now. it did have a few showers associated with it but right now just looking at some clouds to try to move over the region overnight tonight. but those clouds will be out of here by tomorrow. down to about 30 degrees in gaithersburg tonight. 29 in leesburg. 27 in manassas. la plata and waldorf and other areas in toward southern maryland with about 30 degrees overnight and then tomorrow
6:42 pm
plenty of sunshine. high temperatures back in the low to middle 50s. pretty nice out there. but again a chance for rain and some snow coming up on wednesday. all right. thank you, doug. two more speed cameras switched on today. near a middle school in bowie where speeding is a serious problem located near the intersection of kin hill drive and fair lane near the benjamin tasker middle school. the cameras will catch drivers going at least 12 miles over the limit and is the seventh set of cameras placed near a school as part of the city's safe speed program. a surveillance camera in australia captured an awful moment when a baby carriage rolled on to some train tracks. watch the baby carriage at the bottom of your screen. the mother in the green cardigan looked away for a moment and when she looked back her baby was rolling over the edge of the platform. she immediately jumped on to the tracks while another woman rushed to help her. the baby was not injured and was rescued before the next train arrived. now watch the video again. look at the guy in the jeans and blazer. he could have stopped the baby carriage but he was focused on
6:43 pm
his phone instead. >> oh, no. >> and actually stepped clear of the rolling stroller. once it became apparent that he was in the middle of a crisis he stayed on his cell phone call. my goodness. that guy is not a dad or he would have the reflexes to intercept that baby stroller. that's just terrible. >> he dropped the ball. >> yeah he did. >> mom was turned away a bit too long as well. there was a lot of wrong going on there but it turned out okay. >> we're glad. everybody is okay. >> that's good news. turned out well for the giants. >> yes it did. >> the giants returning home super bowl champs. why eli manning wasn't with his team today plus what tom brady's team today plus what tom brady's super model wife had to say
6:44 pm
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today my journey continues across the golden state, team today plus what tom brady's super model wife had to say where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance.
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all right. so what is grunderland -- >> wow. you're really not a fan of her? >> a little sick of her. what does mrs. brady have to say? >> i'm about to tell you. >> all right. >> you crack me up. >> tom brady's super model wife is making super headlines responding to hecklers after the game. gisele ripped the patriots receiver saying, quote, my husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. i can't believe they dropped the ball so many times. >> that is really supportive. >> you know. >> no. playing blame game. meanwhile a much more joyful
6:47 pm
feeling in the manning household. abby's husband eli wins his second super voel mvp award. all eyes on tom brady and eli manning playing in a rematch of super bowl xlii. the first quarter 2-0 giants on second and goal manning to his new best friend victor cruz and let's salsa. touchdown giants. manning was 30 of 40 for 296 yards and that td. back come the patriots just before halftime. brady leads new england on a 14-play 96-yard drive capped off by this. brady to danny woodhead. patriots take a 10-9 lead and brady would later set a super bowl record with 16 straight completions. so his receivers did catch the ball. apparently. just over 4:00 to play. 17-15 patriots. brady throws to a wide open wes welker. oh, man. he drops it. look at the patriots' bench. same reaction everyone in the country had. are you kidding me? ensuing giants possession, first play of the drive.
6:48 pm
this is super. manning steps up. goes deep down the sidelines for mario manningham. an incredible catch. take another look. gets both feet down. 38-yard gainer. great camera work there. and here we go. later in the drive, a minute to go. ahmad bradshaw takes the handoff and he tries to stop but falls in for a touchdown. the idea was he should have stopped short to run the clock down. guys take a 21-17 lead. there's still 57 seconds left on the clock. plenty of time for mr. tom brady but it comes down to this. brady throws up a hail mary and check it out. tipped into the air but it falls incomplete. see it again. rob ronkowsky number 87 right there missed it by that much. that would have been incredible if he made that catch. would have been a legend. the giants defeat the patriots,
6:49 pm
21-17 winning their second super bowl in five years. it's the giants' fourth title in franchise history. eli manning earns his second mvp and how about that catch by mario manningham? >> i kind of figured like we're about to win this. we're about to win this. we came too far, you know, to come up short. we got great character as a teammates and players and coaching staff, man. it was just the catch, man. it was just the catch. i didn't catch it like this or, you know, like this. it was just a catch. we work on that all the time, man. work on our feet work all the time. >> this isn't about one person. this is about a whole team coming together, getting this win. so i'm just proud of our guys, proud of the team the way we fought all year. never got discouraged. kept the faith. kept their confidence and fought to the very end. >> i'll keep coming this game
6:50 pm
and keep trying. i'd rather keep coming this game than not get here. we just didn't make enough plays today. we had a terrific year. >> today the giants returned home landing this morning. one player not onboard quarterback eli manning the super bowl mvp was honored in a parade at disney world. >> of course. >> tomorrow. new york city throwing a giants victory parade. it's scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m. that is going to be cool. hometown hockey. capitals forward brooks knight injured his knee in yesterday's game against boston and is scheduled to be evaluated today by team doctors. good news according to coach dale hunter the injury is not major. the bad news the caps have lost 5 of their last 7 games. coach hunter and the caps trailing 1-0 in the first period but here they come. marcus yohancen bottom of your screen. great pass to alexander semin. skates in but stoned by tim thomas. see it again. great chance for the caps but thomas comes up big. he had 35 saves.
6:51 pm
a minute later bruins have the puck in the caps zone. brad marchant sneaks it past tomas vokoun. take another look. marchant chips it by vokoun here. bruins in front, 2-0. second period, scary moment for the caps. brooks chasing after the puck gets hit into the boards by dennis seidenberg. see it again. crunches his left knee. ouch. he had to be helped off the ice as the capitals lose, 4-1. he will likely miss the caps' next game against the panthers which would be a huge loss for washington. >> well that's the thing is you don't try and replace him. everyone's got to bring a little more in their game so it is not like we can, you know, tell the player to be a brooks like anymore. so it's, a guy has to help out on draws, help out in d zone. you know, he's a good, well-rounded player and guys have to, you know, try and pick up where he's -- >> brooks is a utility for our team. he does everything.
6:52 pm
plays a lot of even strength and special teams. so guys have to pick up the slack. i think we have players that can do it and that play a similar style of game. so big piece of the puzzle that's missing but guys will step up hopefully. >> they'll have to. caps play tomorrow at home against the panthers. tonight at verizon center the wizards take on the toronto raptors. see that game on comcast sports net at 7:00. a quick baseball news the orioles traded starting pitcher and fan favorite jeremy guthrie to the colorado rockies for starting pitcher jason hammill and reliever matt lidstrom. pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in two weeks. >> my goodness. >> yes. baseball season is here. i'm excited. >> there goes winter. >> excellent. enough to lift our spirits right there. >> thanks hakem. coming up a touchdown for advertisers. we have a look at the super bowl commercials that had everyone talking. >> a super sized monday night on nbc. be sure to watch "the voice" tonight from 8:00 to 10:00. enjoy news 4's angie goff for a live web cha
6:53 pm
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texting while driving could become a more serious crime in virginia. texting behind a wheel, the bill to make it an offense. currently it's a secondary offense and police have to have other ground for stopping the
6:56 pm
driver. fairfax democrat george barker says there has been a surge in accidents and they're attributed to texting. the public anger is increasing. but opponents question whether the bill could result in police confiscating phones or preempt more serious charges such as reckless driving. this year's super bowl proved to be a nail biter for football fans right up until the very end but for some of the millions of us who watched it was all about the moments that happened off the field. jay gray has a look at some of the commercials some are calling the game within the game. >> reporter: from flying babies to mischievous mutts, monkeys, machines, and raw m & ms. >> only a fool would think i'd actually show up naked. >> reporter: the overwhelming themes of this year's super bowl ads were animals and animal attractions. >> i think it's always a good thing if you can engage and entertain. >> reporter: and what better place than the biggest stage in
6:57 pm
sports? as the giants wrapped up their championship there was still a game going on. >> after the confetti fell and the trophy stand was cleared there was still one final score that needed to be settled. what was the best super bowl ad? >> reporter: jonathan friedman was a big winner. his home made doritos ad turned a $20 investment into a million dollar first prize. >> the $20 was a few bags of doritos, dog treats, and a few props. >> reporter: the sling baby ad could also mean a million bucks for its creator. it currently leads online facebook voting for the best super bowl spot thanks to the star baby jonah. >> he did his own stunts. he was a great baby. yeah. no babies are harmed. we filmed it on a green screen in my friend's back yard. >> reporter: from the back yard to the big screen and this year on the internet looking to maximize the $3.5 million average cost for a 30-second commercial a lot of advertisers launched previews or full runs early online. >> you want people commenting on those ads and tweeting about the
6:58 pm
ads. >> reporter: even if they act like they don't want that attention. >> you're still here? do you have anything better to do? go on. get going. go. >> reporter: jay gray, nbc news, indianapolis. >> what about elton john at the very beginning? pepsi for everyone. i like that one. >> they're just great commercials. that's why we love the super bowl so much. it's just something, you know, we all get together for. >> that's right. >> one day it'll be us. as far as weather is concerned the next couple, not any time soon? sorry. as we look out there, 55 on tuesday. tomorrow. beautiful. and then watching out for the mix on wednesday. may come in a little bit later so it may not cause too many problems. even if it does come in a little bit early it won't cause any problems on those roadways as the temperatures will be well above freezing. 48 on thursday. 49 on friday. and then the potential for some very cold air coming in later this weekend. maybe some of the coldest air we've seen this season in some
6:59 pm
parts of the area. we'll have to wait and see just how cold things get. at least a little bit of winter out in the next seven days. a lot of people have been asking for it. >> all right. thank you, doug. tom brady and the patriots may have lost the super bowl but an early play made them a big old winner to somebody in vegas. the big lead sports blog reports a guy named jonas rechness bet a thousand dollars at the mgm grand that a giants safety would be the first score. the score came when tom brady was tagged for intentional grounding from his own end zone. it gave the giants a 2-0 lead and paid out big for him. the odds on the wager, 50-1 meaning he won $50,000 on that one play. >> wow. >> a picture of the winning slip was posted on twitter. >> wow. >> you can bet on all kinds of things in the super bowl. >> exactly. >> you could bet on the national anthem. >> like what madonna was going to wear. >> exactly. >> or if she would even keep her clothes on.


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